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Jankalyan blood centre    21-Oct-2021
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Founded in 1983, with the vision to secure safe blood for the patients in Pune region, Jankalyan Raktpedhi (JKRP) is just about to complete a journey of four satisfying decades into the field of voluntary blood donation. Resonating with its name – Jankalyan – which literally translates to “Welfare of People”, JKRP has earned the reputation of the most reliable and dependable blood bank in Pune with its meritorious efforts. Run by a public charitable trust of devoted trustees and selfless workers (Seva-Vrati) from all walks of life, Jankalyan’s promenade is no less than that of a noble pioneer ardently carving a lifetime experience for everyone whom it matches steps with.
The premises located in the prime area of Swargate, Pune with a built up area of about 7500 sq. ft. is meticulously designed to cater the requirements of a Standard Blood Bank. Apart from state-of-the-art machinery and infrastructure, ample space is allocated for classrooms to carry out workshops, seminars and trainings for laboratory technicians and other staff. This, with the intention to create awareness about the latest transfusion medicine and practices in the field of voluntary blood donation movement amongst them. These training programmes are facilitated by eminent Physicians and Surgeons, who help JKRP keep its knowledge abreast the modern cutting-edge developments.
Creating a Stable and Safe Blood Sufficient Society.
We ensure the Quality, Safety, and Availability of Blood and Blood Products For Patients in Need.
  • To collect, store, test and issue blood to needy patients primarily in Pune region.
  • To create blood components, store and issue them to needy patients.
  • To create awareness about voluntary blood donation.
  • To provide free of cost blood and blood products to the poor, thalassemia and haemophilia patients thus ensuring a quality life for them.
  • 100% voluntary blood donation (No replacement and no commercial or paid blood donation)
  • Advanced technology for blood safety and
  • Reasonable processing charges and concessions for poor & needy people.