Jankalyan blood centre    21-Oct-2021
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Donor Room

Donor room
Donor room is equipped with hi-tech automated blood collection monitors. Donor friendly couches and the overall ambience along with the motivational posters in the background are set well to keep up the spirit of the donor.
The donor goes through pre-donation counseling by cordial staff who also attends them well in the medical examination room and the actual donation room. Light refreshments are also provided to the donors post the donation during the resting time.
Apheresis laboratory
Blood is generally collected from the donor’s vein and machines in the apheresis laboratory are used to actually separate red cells platelets and plasma in layers. Only the layer of desired component is separated in a pouch. Rest of the blood returns back to the donor, through the same vein.
We have 2 cell separators, one each of the brand Fresenius Kabi (Amicus) and of Terumo Penpol (Trima Accel), both of international standard.



Cross Matching_1

Blood Grouping and Cross Matching Lab
Endowed with 2 hi-tech automated blood grouping machines of Neo Iris (Immucor) and Automax (Tulip), this lab functions for supporting blood grouping of donors and patients. These machines help derive accuracy and speed in results.
Cross matching of patients’ sample and donor sample is also done in same lab. This is standard procedure for patient safety.
ELISA stands for Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay. It is a test for screening donor’s blood for safety against transmission of diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C. Donor’s blood is also screened for Malaria and Syphilis (VDRL). This lab is equipped with global standard machine Biorad Evolis for ELISA and functions with high standard methodologies in terms of processing and quality control.
We plot Levey Jennings Chart using Westgard rules and are very keen about our quality of results. Monitoring, maintenance, calibration of the machine are a part of the routine systems which are well set since years together and augmented by protocols of NABH accreditation.



Component Storage_1

Component Storage
This section is the treasure of blood component bags which are like jewels stored in hi tech refrigerators and deep freezers. We host a number of such storage equipment of standard manufacturers including those like Terumo Penpol and Thermo Fischer.
There is a robust system of alarms and close monitoring of temperature. These bags are released for use by standard protocols as per need of patients.
Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) Lab
NAT is known globally as the most advanced technique for screening donors’ blood for diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Though this is not yet a mandatory test in Indian blood banks, Jankalyan has made its mark in NAT testing of blood since 2013.
We consider it our topmost priority to ensure that the blood that we issue is safe for the patients. Owing to the same commitment we became the pioneers in implementing NAT testing in western Maharashtra. We do MP NAT by COBAS Roche which is an internationally recognized NAT testing platform.



Blood Irradiator_1

Irradiation Lab
An additional layer of safety is needed for some patients like those with compromised immunity, neonates, cancer and transplant patients or during transfusion to the fetus in mother’s womb.
This layer of safety is of irradiating the blood is achieved by passing the blood bags through a radioactive field so that this exposure de activates the harmful white cells from blood bag.
Manufactured by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai and governed by Atomic Energy Regulation Board (AERB), the blood irradiator (named as BI 2000) is installed in our Blood Centre and we support needy patients with this facility under charity too.
Biomedical Waste Disposal
We dispose our waste in a socially and medically responsible way by appropriate colour coding, autoclaving and tie up with local Municipal Corporation for further processing of the waste.
Component Separation Laboratory
This lab has huge assets including refrigerated centrifuges, automated component extractors, snap freezer, laminar air flow and sterile connecting device. Amongst refrigerated centrifuges, Hettich is a world class brand and gives excellent quality of layers of blood components within the blood bags.
Automated component extractors manufactured by global giants like Fresinius Kabi, Terumo Penpol, Macopharma are all with us and the layered blood components are transferred magnificently into separate bags with super fine accuracy, thus yielding excellent quality blood components to treat patients.
Snap freezer (Blast Freezer) helps to freeze the separated plasma within 30 minutes to as to preserve the contents in the best possible way.
Our sterile connecting device was the first of its kind in the city. Manufactured by globally established Fresenius Kabi, this device helps to prepare small paediatric units of blood bags without opening them so that no contamination occurs from air.
Quality Control lab
Our commitment to quality is one of our best virtues over the years. We ensure that blood components issued to patients bear a good yield of the contents that it is supposed to carry. Our quality control lab has the machines like coagulometer for in house verification of results as well as we often evaluate ourselves with reference to other standard labs.