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Blood Donate Form

Why Donate Blood?

Safe blood, blood products and blood transfusion are a critical aspect of public care and health. Blood transfusion saves millions of lives and improves the quality of life for so many people every day. The need for blood is universal, but access to blood for all those who need it is not.

Blood shortages are particularly crucial in developing countries. Nothing compares to the preciousness of human blood. In spite of the rapid and remarkable conquests of medical science today, there is no laboratory that manufactures blood. Science is known to create miracles every day but yet, it has not been able to create any artificial substitute to human blood and thus, transfusions solely depend on blood donations for its survival through dire and near-death times.

Jankalyan Blood Centre believes that blood is a gift of life; it cannot be manufactured but comes from generous donors alone. We thus motivate and promote non- remunerated voluntary blood donation to ensure safe, sufficient and secure availability of this commodity for the society and mankind as a whole.

All you need is to read, write, hear and speak English and/or Hindi and/or Marathi across a diverse section of population that you meet via the blood bank. You need to follow all COVID protocols and practise compassion, communication, collaboration and competence to your best potential.

Blood banks like ours are always working in the best interest of our community, but it is also the responsibility of the community to keep the blood banks full at all times. Given the limited shelf time of blood and blood components, supply of fresh blood units is the need of time. Let the right blood be waiting for a needy patient and let it not be the patient who is waiting for the blood.

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You Can Make a Big Difference To Someone's Life!