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Donate Time

Why Donate Time ?

Blood donation is a noble cause and many a good Samaritans want to be associated with it but their inspiration or inclinations does not necessarily get translated in actual donation for many a reasons – lack of proper information, lack of knowledge of the process or sometimes simply a fear – fear of needles, fear of sight of blood or fear of fainting. These issues seem trivial but are extremely challenging for the blood bank in the process of blood connection. We need “blood soldiers” to help us through these challenges.

If you have some free time and if you are a people’s person who likes to give back to the society in one way or another, you are exactly the person we are looking for. We urge you to come ahead and donate your time to this worthy cause to help us spread awareness, diffuse myths and promote and encourage blood donation amongst people.

Jankalyan Blood Bank organizes various blood donation drives across colleges, companies and through cooperative effort of the society. Our staff is always on their toes to complete all our duties efficiently but we can do with extra pairs of helping hands and happy feet.

If you are friendly, approachable, structured, organized and an enthusiastic person, you can become a volunteer (A blood soldier or A Rakt Saarthi) with us and ensure all our stakeholders (donors, patients, patrons) have a pleasant and fulfilling experience with us.

All you need is to read, write, hear and speak English and/or Hindi and/or Marathi across a diverse section of population that you meet via the blood bank. You need to follow all COVID protocols and practise compassion, communication, collaboration and competence to your best potential.

Please note this is a non-remunerated position to be associated with us. Kindly fill in the details and we shall contact you. Let’s connect together to connect humanity.

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You Can Make a Big Difference To Someone's Life!